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Royal Flush
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Mar 23, 2013
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My buddy from work came over to have a few beers. We decided to play some cards. $20 buy in. Hit quads. :) Still down a few bucks right now.


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nice HU with buddy, always a nice feeling to play a few hands when not expected,
great four queens !
Too bad a 4 did not come. ;) I slow played it to the river, then raised $2. I think he would of folded if I would of bet the flop with that board.
He had about $3-4$ left and went all on with a pair of 8s on the flop. I had pocket 9s. Good times for sure.
Nice shot. LOVE those Blue Chip quarters. Are you thinking of labelling them? Was wondering if they are in good enough shape to take a label (is there enough recess left in the center)?
The Blue Chip quarters were new and used in a few home games before I got them. I labeled one to see how it would look. No issues with the label. It was recessed.

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