Found Have any Cleveland Horseshoe WSOP 500's? Open this thread!

Discussion in 'Poker Chip Forum Classifieds' started by ChipEnvy, Feb 13, 2018.

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    I have a problem, a pretty big problem. I have a decent set of the Cleveland WSOP's but need a barrel (20) of the 500's to complete the set. I had a 2:1 trade offer up for a bit and didn't get any bites. I offered 40 of my 1000's for 20 500's. So I am upping the stakes.

    I have a complete sample set of the A.Star cash game chips which include three 43mm chips ($20, $25, & $100). I got these with the hope of trading for a P.Star sample set (I love me some Bud Jones chips!) but that too got no interest. So I am giving up that dream in the hopes to complete my Cleveland dream.

    I will trade 40 of my Cleveland Horseshoe WSOP chips and the A.Star cash game sample set for 20 of your Cleveland Horseshoe WSOP 500's.

    I am not selling the sample set, I gotta use it to get something done...

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