Has anyone here ever hit a "chipping wall"?


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Nov 11, 2014
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I am there right now. The only “hole” in my collection is a Cali colored Paulson set and since I want something that isn’t worn out the chances of getting one are pretty slim at best.

Any set I think about buying now would need to replace something else and I really like everything I have now.

Most of my sets will only get to see the felt 4 to 5 times a year hosting twice a month on average if I’m lucky.

So now my chip funds are being earmarked towards a custom table and upgrades to my poker room. Which include putting some cabinets and counters in.

Josh Kifer

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Jul 21, 2017
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I've hit 2-3 walls, and with enough time, I seem to find a new focus in the same hobby. Two months ago I sold basically all my Paulson’s and went to straight CPCs. But now with the Milling, it's begun again.

It's funny how this hobby morphs and changes.


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Jan 17, 2015
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Riverside, CA
Completely depends on your personality IMHO. Some folks never really "own" chips - they rent them for a few years (or months or weeks) - either because they like variety or always want the next shiny new "in" thing. Others like me just continue to add on to their collections over the years. I host on average once to twice a month, and have 20 sets. Some get used a few times a year, others far less, and others practically never because I'm saving them for a purpose.

Its the same for many hobbies and such with life. Some folks have a new car every six months. My truck is 17 years old....

I don't like change :LOL: :laugh:

This pretty much sums it up for me. I have other expensive hobbies and nothing like a $2000 bill sitting in the closet, waiting to be cashed in. That's the good part, the nice sets retain or gain value.

I've had around 50+ $2000+ sets and have sold them all. At the moment, my nicest tournament set is my BCC Aqasino set (on the way). I have a few other sets (mostly hot stamps). Though I just bought a multi thousand dollar toy. So looking forward to custom Matsui or CPC hopefully soon. But could sell it all if I need money for more important hobbies.

So take up golf or buy a hot rod. Sounds like you're ready to buy something totally senseless to get some excitement! :D

Plus, I got @Suited Connector hooked. So I can just go to his game to play with the chips I can't afford.
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