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Mar 20, 2018
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I had several people asking me to put together a post of my experience attempting to harvest chips in Vegas for the first time .
Here goes..
I was in Vegas for a trip for work. I really expected to have a lot more downtime then I ended up having.
A couple of days before I left I put up a post in the classified section to see if anyone was interested in any chips. As you can imagine I got flooded with PMs and the post itself got up to three pages.
I was staying at the Mandalay Bay and ended up harvesting most of my chips from that casino. I got eight total racks of chips out of the bay.
Mandalay is connected to the Luxor and Excalibar casinos so I gave myself a shot and harvesting chips from there as well.
At the request from one of our fellow chippers, I took a trip to Caesar’s Palace .
I also took the opportunity to stop by the Venetian because I know that a lot of people like the $1’s.
Despite my efforts I was unable to stop by any of the other casinos that I wanted to in order to fill requests for chippers.
Here’s what I got in total :

Mandalay bay-
8 racks of ones
One barrel of fives
A single Michael Jackson commemorative $25 chip to help out a chipper.
I also managed about 28 of the large inlay ones that have been obsolete for quite some time. The people at the cage were not very helpful but the poker room was awesome about selling me racks to pick through.
I tried everything under the sun including a $200 bribe to get one rack of the $2 drop chips. There is no chance of getting a single one of these chips off of these guys they would lose their job.

Two barrels of Palazzo
Eight barrels of Venetian
I had to pick through 24 racks of these chips to get very good condition. This was only possible due to the fact that they have a poker room. Overall the chips here are pretty beat up. If I were harvesting chips I would not do Venetian again.
I originally came here to get two dollar chips but they are no longer in circulation and have been destroyed .

Four racks of brand new ones still in the box! I got lucky on this one. I requested a rack of chips from the cage as they have no poker room. Luckily, the woman behind the counter mentioned to me that they just got brand new chips in and asked the boss if she could sell any to me.

I put 15 chip boxes in my suitcase with high hopes of filling them all. I’ve read on multiple posts that the casinos hate it when you take the chip racks however I did not find this to be the case. All told I walked out of there with nine Paulson chip racks that are all in great shape. I just tossed these in the suitcase.
I ended up putting the 12 racks of chips in boxes in my backpack as a carry-on. Needless to say my backpack felt like it weighed a metric ton and I was stopped by airport security. The security officer was gorgeous so I spent 15 minutes flirting with her while she checked my bag!

If I were to do it all over again here’s what I would do:
Post in PCF at least two weeks before you head to Vegas.
Write everything down! Keeping your conversation in box in order is basically impossible with the amount of PMs you will get.
If you are only doing this to make money for yourself consider only going to these casinos:
New York New York
Sam’s Town
Carsar’s Palace(for $2 chips)

The reason I mention this is the high popularity of the THC mold.
That said I did get a few requests for MGM and Bellagio.
I really wanted to see if the MGM three dollar chips could be had but could not make it over there.
I got numerous requests for the chips stated above from multiple members.

Personally, I wasn’t doing the harvest service to put extra money in my pocket but to build my reputation in the community.
Almost all the chips I got were presold.
I do have some chips that are for sale that I will post in the classifieds including the four racks of brand new Excalibur’s.
A few people have been building mixed house mold sets and I have to say I love Paulson house molds.

In summary:

Communicate early with PCF members
Decide your motives for harvesting
Formulate a specific plan of where you were going to go and when
Do your research online regarding the individual casinos and whether or not they have poker rooms
Check out chip guides to see exactly what chips are going after
Consider getting a good faith deposit so you don’t get stuck with the chips

The biggest mistake that I made was taking care of other chippers before getting the chips I specifically wanted for myself!!!
I realize this sounds selfish and a little greedy but you really owe it to yourself as a chipper to grab the chips that you want for your own collection.

I will add some pics of the chips that I got.
Two of the racks of brand new Excaliburs flew home with my buddy. I won’t have those in the main pictures but I will have them in a day or two.

I don’t know if this could become a thread worth stickying. I do encourage other members to add onto this post with their own experiences of harvesting chips.
Where have you had success?
Where did you strike out?
Share your experiences to help other chippers that are going to harvest.
Maybe you know the best time at specific casinos. Maybe Tuesday is free hamburger night at the flamingo and the people in the cage get a little bit loose???

I hope this post helps in someway.

A6461F50-4F54-444C-A33B-AADBB5F44AEE.jpeg 75522DED-601B-4FBB-B0EE-24150F62C3C3.jpeg 50C6F75A-F9DF-4F56-9AB9-5ABF76B375DE.jpeg 419D8721-F467-4899-A7B9-C804177751B5.jpeg E6940E0E-077C-414A-860A-CDF65D7173EA.jpeg 276648AB-936F-4AA2-84BB-1480229888CF.jpeg 50137733-2C19-461F-8456-899A75EDEAD0.jpeg
I still want that rack+5chips of Caesar $2s! Thank you so much for trying. I think I offered $299 shipped for them, and I would have a standing offer of the same to anybody else harvesting in Vegas who happens to be able to get Caesars to sell them some 2s. As long as they aren't bicycle tires.
And I may want some of those fresh Excaliburs you harvested. Gotta think. I still like the originals about 100 times better.
Just let me know. I got a few lowball offers on them. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to harvest chips at excalibur considering they have no poker room. The fact that they are brand spanking new and 4 complete racks makes it like a holy grail.
That is what someone else thought...,,,,
Clearly anything more is highway robbery and makes you a cancer to the community!

I'll determine their usefulness to me with a price and get back to you. I'm almost up to a rack of the original Excaliburs. That project would continue regardless.
I bought 2 racks of Mandalay Bay from @guyfleegman and the chips are wonderful. I am not sure I can find a single flea bite. Also packaging was bulletproof. Highly recommended!

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