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Jun 23, 2020
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Upstate NY
Thank you to @dmoney for introducing me to this forum and the wealth of knowledge and adventure it holds. Thank you to everyone who has offered advice and ideas.

I believe I have been a part of this community for a little over a year and this is my current collection to date.


1000 Piece Mixed Mint limit set:
900 HSI 1as
80 Jack Detroit Secondary 100s
20 Jack Cincinnati Secondary 1Ks (43mm)

640 Piece HSI Used Micro Cash Set:
100 Primary snappers over-labeled HSI 5c
200 Santa Ysabel 1s over-labeled as HSI 25c
200 Primary HSI 1s
100 Primary HSI 5s
40 Primary HSI 25s (mint)

400 Piece CPC rounders tourney set

1100 Piece Mixed Macro Cash Set:
100 Philly Live $2s to be over-labeled as 50c fracs
300 Lady Luck 1s
300 Horseshoe Cincinnati 5s
300 Jack Cincinnati 5s
100 Lady Luck 25s
20 Horseshoe Cincinnati Secondary 100s
10 Horseshoe Cincinnati Secondary 500s

240ish Elephant and Crown RAFs (only a few cleaned so far)

And a few barrels of samples.

I know this is a journey…and the process is exciting!

What is the next casino to shut down?
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