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May 18, 2022
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Seattle, WA
I'm starting a home poker game soon and am trying to find a decent, affordable chip set to get us started with. My search led me to this forum where I've lurked for a bit now and it seems like a great community to get involved with so I thought I'd create an account and introduce myself.

The home game (at least to start) will be $0.10/$0.20 NHLE/PLO so I've been looking at retail sets that have nickels and quarters (or can be customized easily to have them.) So far I've ordered sample sets of Pharaoh china clays from Apache Poker Chips, Tiki King ceramics from BR Pro Poker, and Monte Carlo slugged ABSs from The Poker Store.Com.

Also, even though there's no chance I'll be ordering a full set anytime soon, I ordered a sample set of the Rounders CSQs from Classic Poker Chips since 1) I think it's super awesome that these exist and 2) CPC's chips seem to be highly regarded around here so I wanted to have some as a point of reference.

It's totally my personality that I will one day order a high quality custom set but before I sink the time & money into that, I want to make sure the game actually persists long enough and is settled on the stakes. I actually ran a short-lived home game back in 2013 (also $0.10/$0.20 NHLE/PLO) and we used a set of NexGen chips I got from Amazon. I actually find these to be completely nice-enough; totally acceptable to play with. I would be happy sticking with them for the time being except they lack the proper denominations (and quantities.)

Also worth note around here, I guess, is that I like to collect a $1 & a $5 from any casino or card room I've played at (poker or degen.) Many of them are pretty dirty / beat up and I'm pretty sure I don't have anything rare or unusual but I might post some pictures of the collection for fun at some point (or to ask questions.)

Thanks for reading and if anyone happens to know of any other retail sets that have nickels which I can get samples of, I'd love to hear about it. (The Prestige chips from Sun-Fly have them and look really nice but I don't know if I'll like 43mm chips. Regardless, I can't seem to find a way to order samples from them...)
Hey look, Pearl Jam-city! Welcome man. Off to a good start with the samples. I can tell you won’t be satisfied with the china clays for long though.

Sunfly is a vendor here @SUN-FLY Poker Chips
Howdy! You found the right spot, it’s a great community. Welcome to the addiction.

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