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Mar 3, 2020
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Raleigh, NC
Hi all,

Brand new to this poker chip world and already overwhelmed with the amount of poker chip knowledge and pics here. I’m Eric, born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina but shuttling between East Coast, Arizona, and Southern California for work frequently and would love to play in some home games.

Been playing poker for a decade — Mostly bigger limit mixed games — but I have a lot to learn about poker chips. Would love a used casino set at some point if I can find one reasonably affordable.

Happy to be here!
Hello and welcome! Checking out the classifieds time regularly for a good used set and posting a wanted ad would definitely help. Do decide on the set you would like to go for before you start your hunt! Enjoy browsing all the collections available here you will definitely come across a set you like :)
Welcome!! You should be able to find some home games in the areas of your travels. Here is the link for the member locations thread, might help you get started in your search.

Pending what your budget is theres excellent vendor sales going on right now, and theres always something delightful in the classifieds!

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