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Jun 29, 2020
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Hello everyone.

I'm Buzzmonkey and I'm glad to be here. I used to be on Chiptalk and HPT as Buzzerbeater, but was a sporadic poster for the most part. I'm a lifelong Mainer and have been playing poker for 30+ years. We've recently moved to a bigger place, so I can actually start hosting once the Covid-19 situation eases up/becomes more manageable.

In 2006 I had a fully custom Chipco ceramic cash set made by The Chiplab. In 2017 I ordered an add-on to boost the number of 1s and 5s. I wasn't aware when I made the order, but Chiplab had switched from Chipcos to a different base chip. The upside was that the faces had more detail, but the downside was that the colors were a bit darker so the lettering and shadowing don't stand out as much. Overall I'm still happy with the set.

Pr0ns (I'll get better pics in the pr0n thread later):
150 x $0.25
200 x $1.00
250 x $5.00




Rock on.

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