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Feb 13, 2019
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SF Bay Area
Hi! I found PCF through my search for a set of poker chips for casual play with friends and family. I usually do a lot of research before buying anything so it was inevitable that I ended up here.

I'm currently living in the SF bay area, but I've only been here for a bit over 6 months. Having previously lived in Canada and Australia, I can pretty much blend in anywhere :p

I currently own a small set of the GPI Monaco chips and I'm pretty happy with them for what they are. I'm in the process of getting in on the Abbiati GB because FOMO and I want a set for playing heads-up with. One day when I have the space and the friends to host a home game, I'm definitely going to design a custom set. I really wish Paulson was still an option for customs, but I've played around with the CPC design tool and there are definitely some nice-looking sets around.
Welcome! There are lots of Cali members here, so hopefully you can find a good game or at least meet some of them.

The Abbiatti GB looks real good! Nice choice!
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Welcome!! Enjoy your stay!! There's quite a few great members in the SF bay area!!!
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Welcome to PCF. Enjoy you’re chip journey. As other have said, there’s a lot of PCF’ers in SF (no cal) area.
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Thanks for all the replies! It's good to know that there are PCF members and games in the area!

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