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Aug 3, 2019
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I've read around the forum about the flashing on the sides of these "Greek" chips and how to get rid of it before I posted this. It seems to be a constant issue and I expect to have it if I get these chips. I'm assuming it's from a cheap manufacturing process and isn't just a QC failure at this point.

My question though is are these the same as the Majestic chips? Are the Majestics a higher quality? I've tried to contact Apache on Twitter to see if they are getting any more of their's in so I can get a sample set to compare, but I'm having no luck on their page atm.

Like many have said, I really love the color on these greek chips. Almost enough to go through the scrubbing of the 1000 chips I plan to purchase. The feel of them I really like as well and the ability to have BRPoker do them custom and to not have to worry about inlays makes the option even better to me.

Does anyone have experience with these or have recommendations for others with similar colors (Dark Blue mainly). I've gotten a ton of different samples in from a variety of sites (almost 100 bucks worth of samples). I even got BRpoker to do a custom batch of ceramics for me in my hunt for chips. PS they did a great job if you like ceramics, I just don't like the feel of them.

I'm currently using a set of Nexgen "Vegas" chips that I bought way back in like 05. They haven't been used in 10 years before recently. I like these chips a lot considering they were mid-tier when I got them and are pristine since I cleaned them before packing them away. I just want something better for my current game.

Thanks for any advice about recommendations or any new ideas about the removal of flashing or anything really in my hunt.


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Jul 25, 2020
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The Greek triangle chips are definitely different from the Majestics.

The greek triangles are from Claysmith, who are a brand / subsidiary of Brybelly, who produce/import/distribute a large number of other gaming supplies, including other mass-market poker chips (the Claysmith line are quite a bit nicer than the others, though).

The Majestics are produced/imported/distributed by Apache.

Besides the different makers, the Claysmiths have metal inserts for weight ("slugged") while the Majestics are unslugged. Accordingly, the Claysmiths are quite a bit heavier than the Majestics. I would say that the Majestics are definitely higher quality than the Claysmiths, if for no other reason than that they don't have the flash that the Claysmiths do. Which is "better" is a subjective matter, but most people prefer the unweighted Majestics. They also feel more like casino clays (which is why they're generically called "china clays") than the Claysmiths, although even so they still don't come that close to clays.
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