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Apr 3, 2013
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Pacific NW
I always worry about posting requests for donations, but this is such a great cause. Many of you know I teach at a small alternative school where we help kids who just, for whatever reason, don't like/fit a big school. It's an AWESOME place however we're really small & can't offer the things a "big high school" can.

Many of our kids LOVE MUSIC and in order to make that happen we have brought in an incredibly gifted, PATIENT, and kind professional musician named Robin Moxy -- kids love him and he helps those who are complete novices to those on the upper end of the scale.

Bottom line, we have to fund it ourselves and we're struggling. If by some wild chance you can give, even $5, it would help, especially since it will be DOUBLED if done by Friday.

If you donate by Friday, 11/28/14 & if you enter the promo code SPARK, Donor's Choose will match your donations!!!

to donation page.

Thank you so much in advance for anyone who is able to help.

Here is a pic of Robin helping a kid (sorry, can't show kid's faces w/o permission)
IMG_9157.jpg IMG_4355.jpg
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