SOLD Grand Victoria, higher denoms (if you are weak, don't look) (1 Viewer)

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May 29, 2013
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Updated totals available:

This sale is a little obscene, so if you are at all squeamish, then you should probably look no further. I'll leave enough space in this ad so that you don't see the images unless you intend to do so. But be warned -- what you will see is a little crazy.

For sale, GV secondary by the rack or barrel.

100 x $100 ($400/rack, or $90/barrel)
160 x $500 ($700/rack, or $160/barrel)
50 x $1000 ($340/barrel, or $18/chip)

Racks not included, pet hair is included (free of charge).
Buyer to pay for shipping and paypal fees.

This is the very last of my GV stash. So once these are gone, that's it from me.

Be sure to check out my other chips for sale, save on shipping!

This one hurts -- my first mint casino Paulson set. These upper denoms are just incredible.
Enjoy the pr0n.

(Edited to add more white space before the photos)

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You should have added a better warning. Oh my lord those chips are stunning. I hope no one buys them so I can save enough over the next year or so.
Good luck
This is significantly more worth than my car :) I've never been a fan of the inlays myself but they look amazing in racks and stacks.
Holy....!! I'm not going to repeat myself so that's all I'm gonna say.
I'd be all over these if i was not going to Vegas in 2 weeks......if they are still around when i get back and I have some success.....I may have to grab a few barrels.
Updated OP. I sold some of these, and decided to keep a couple of racks. So I have updated the original post with the quantities currently available.

Your tax return is on it's way. Perfect reason to grab some of these babies! A couple more sales pending, so grab yours while there are still some left!
Just received my chips from Mel, Super fast shipping and awesome packaging... very tempted to pull the trigger on more...

Thanks Mel
SOLD! I'm going to miss these beauties. But they are packaged up, and ready to be shipped to their new home.
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