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They don’t come up very frequently, to my knowledge. I was contacted once about interest in my sample set from a member in Canada, though it might have pre-dated this site. Holdem Poker Chips was the original vendor as far as I know.

I have not been actively buying and selling lately, so take my estimate with a grain of salt, but a good breakdown and/or motivated buyer should fetch you a buck or two per chip.

It’s a great set, in my opinion, but the lack of QC - namely on misshapen inlays - turns some people off. The large recess in the center makes them easy to relabel as well.
Those are mega low supply, mega low demand chips. Buck or two per chip is where I'd put them as well. I have trouble imagining less or more.
They are beautiful chips! I only own a single $100 chip. I would say follow typical Fantasy BCC tourney prices around $1.20 possibly $1.50 a chip... due to rarity and possibility of someone who has been searching them out for a long time possibly a bit higher. But also the availability to add on is almost zero which hurts the value a bit... BCC chips are awesome! Planning to sell or just looking for help with set assessment? Best of luck either way!! Fellow Chipper Ben
Hit the nail on the head. Would really like to find some 5k to finish my set. Have just over 1100 chips ranging from 1$ to 1000$ but never got the 5ks. And now they just aren’t available.
Have you posted pictures of these? Never seen the red ($5?) In your profile picture. Would love to see some shots of the set if you ever get time! Fellow Chipper Ben
The combination of bad lighting, equipment, and my lack of photography skills fail to do the colors justice, but this is my shuffling stack for reference. The pink and orange, in particular, have a wonderfully bright “pop” to them that is not represented very well in this shot.

It looks like I traded a quarter and a five for the 1000 and 5000. I am missing the 5 and 500 chip in my sample. Michael was out of anything above a hundo when I bought these, so I got a second quarter to have ten chips.

Always seems they make my favorite color chips on the denoms you don't use! Lol that $2 and $3 are amazing!! Thanks for sharing @rowlin! Not even sure how I bought my $100 chip probably a mixed lot on ebay. They are definitely great examples of BCC colors! Wow
Yeah, for some weird reason the least helpful denominations are often the prettiest chips. The quarter and 5k are my personal faves, and I like the flag frac a lot too.

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