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Mar 16, 2014
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Looking to purchase anyone that has any GOLDEN BROKEN ARROW CASINO racks.... tough set to track down but thought I would give this a shot... Thanks !


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I have about 150 $1s. Most are in v. good condition but possibly about 10 have some stain on them which didn't come off when I cleaned and oiled them. I think all will stand on edge (been a while since I boxed them up). I'm not at home now but can check exact details if you are interested. Shipping may be expensive as I'm in UK.
Thanks buddy ! I really appreciate it... TO be more specific I really need 5's and 25's I have enough ones (250) .. If you know of anyone else that has any please send them my way ! Thanks for the reply
I've only ever seen a couple of racks of $5s and $25s and those were on CT and not for sale. When I bought my original rack of $1s off eBay, I don't recall seeing any other denoms for sale (and I think there were only about 10 racks of the $1s).
When these were available in quantity the $1 and $25s were most common... I had to buy a set of 300 or 500 (don't remember) to get the single rack of $5s I had. Good luck on your search!
Wow, its been a long long time since I saw pics of those chips.

How about some pron of what you currently have? :)
I have a ton of these. My buddy just referred me to this site and has also been begging me to sell them. I will have to post my pics soon.
Mango.. THE TIN MAN has a ton of these beauties and will post some great pics soon ....
TIN MAN .. how about some great pics of your set to show .... as a matter of fact Id like to see your collection. I understand it is very impressive from back in the old days of chip collecting ......
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