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Nov 22, 2018
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3K views in 24 hours, thats house you do a sale! (No bump...bump...bump...bump...bump... here!)
Chips will go to the largest orders first. If you have questions, need additional pictures, etc., feel free to ask.

Chips coming from France, hoping that if there are several stateside purchases one package can be sent over to save on shipping. 6 US Chipper purchases so far. Shipping cost for barrels and racks is just $5!!!

Yoooo, drop a comment. Feel free to PM, but "dibs" or pending or whatever goes by a public comment here, just to keep it on the up and up.

Roadhouse Set - THERE ARE 10 $5Ks LEFT

Willing to split if necessary, but again, will go to largest order first
$25s - 270 @ (.50) (.40 if split) - PENDING 200 @ekricket PENDING 70 @Gear (BACKUP @Roll Tide Roll)
$100s - 40 @ ($1) ($1 if split)- PENDING @Gear if noone takes down partial set.
$500s - 158 @ ($2) (2.25 if split) PENDING @Gear BACKUP @HarleyTown if noone takes down partial set.
$1Ks - 50 @ ($7) ($8 If split) PENDING @joeyshin
$5Ks - 40 @ ($11) (12 if split) PENDING 10 @Roll Tide Roll PENDING 20 @Jhoov2412

Nevada Jack Cash Set Unplayed Standard Denoms -$185 $175 This is over $100 off what a Euro chipper would pay next week, before shipping and incoming taxes. (BRProPoker would be $234.60 I think- .69 a chip, 15% off =58.65 a chip, x400 =234.60)

$.25 - 100
$.50 - 20
$1 - 100
$5 - 100
$25 - 40
$100 - 20
$500 - 10
$1000 - 5
$5000 - 5

2400-2500 Sheraton Roulettes - Due to shipping mostly here for Euro Chippers that normally have to pay shipping and extra taxes. Take it down for around $520. I'm happy to do something like a split right down the middle with me.


1400 Mint Jacks Roulettes (200 Every Available Color) $640 $600 - Due to shipping mostly here for Euro Chippers that normally have to pay shipping and extra taxes. Not against splitting in half between you and I, by rack or color.
Still in boxes, picture below is of @Josh Kifer relabel to show true colors. Probably the only chips I wouldn't mind not being sold, and as such is the only item not priced at what I paid or under. For full clarity, I paid $560 plus shipping twice. Not against splitting in half, one rack per color.


Aransas $830 $775 $750 - At this point, another price break would start making it interesting for US Chippers. Thought there was a bigger presence/need over here....
200 x $1 ($125 a rack)
400 x $5 ($110 a rack)
100 x $25 ($80 a rack)
20 x $100 ($65 a barrel)


Hideaway Casino Set - 2 of these available. - But what EU chipper would want 1200 Chipco chips for $120...


(200-$1 chips, 200-$2 chips, 160-$5 chips, 40-$25 chips)
**ChipCo chips. $1 chips are very worn**


199 Outpost Casino Oversized $5s - $135 125 $115

Forgot these LCO roulettes as well. 3 Barrels - $?

Barrel of Paradice $5 - $15

Barrel of Horseshoe $1s - I search Horseshoe $1s and every sale is for one of the other 3 horseshoes. If you want these just tell me what they're worth, thanks. $?

26 Sahara $1s - Again, not even a faint clue. About 6 chips have slightly different edge color. You tell me. $?

5- 500k, 1-1Million Royal Cardroom Plaques - $35 ($54 on the site)

PENDING @jr8719 31 Scandia $25s - $55 40

PENDING @PokerDots Rack of The Post .50s $140

PENDING @anstossfreak Rack of used LCO $25s.

PENDING @anstossfreak Rack of Desert Oasis $1s - $80

PENDING @anstossfreak Barrel of Emerald Princess $25s - Why do I have barrels of random stuff? $30

PENDING @Eloe2000 Barrel of Copa Casino NCV 5s (Gulfport) $15

PENDING @PrOnAddict Big Easy Casino - Tournament Set $280

PENDING @PrOnAddict LCO $1s -

PENDING @PrOnAddict Barrel of Very Used Outpost Casino $5s - I have no idea. $20ish? $15? $17.25?

PENDING @Gear 2 $100 Vineyards, 10 $1 Vineyards
- $30?

PENDING @Gear 12 Cache Creeks - $25

PENDING @Gear 14 Suicide King Club Champions - $30

PENDING @pacmartine Mint Outpost .50s One Rack - $180 and 4 Barrels- $35 a barrel

PENDING @MarquetteMonkey Starburst (I don't know real colors) 180 Chips for $105 (under .60 a chip)


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There’s also roulettes. I think the top pic is around $500, but I’d rather find someone to split with me at my cost pricing.
First Dibs go to EU chippers for 24 hours cause they wouldn’t normally have a chance at these with shipping. Everyone else can back up now.

Same sentiment here. Willing to sell all $600-$620ish in EU or do a split of sorts. Not really worth it to sell in US unless one person grabs it but hey do what you want. @Josh Kifer can you post your amazing chips so people can see how great these look in light?
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Yeah I wish. Wait. Are the DJs on the DL? I swore you showed a public preview. If not, my bad, I’ll get these babies out for a picture.
No. I was being a dick and I'm crying laughing. Oh man... I needed this. Here ya go.

@Gear labels, super easy to do and you can make a cheap custom set. They look fantastic and I can show anyone a easy process to pop those labels off. They are a great deal.
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Largest purchase may also get super rare, luxury, “cashmere bouquet”, anti Coronavirus Kings Castle hand soap. Better yet, maybe a Kings Castle shower cap to go with your face mask?

I can complete the 2nd rack of mint Outpost .50 fracs—I have a barrel if anyone is interested.
The barrel of Emerald Princess $25s and the rack of Desert Oasis $1s please if they could shipped with the other stuff to @PrOnAddict.
I got you. I’ll pack in. Will still aim for tomorrow (today), but as it’s 5 am it may be Monday latest.
Interested in (40) or (140) Crystal Parks $1s also with miracle cheap shipping
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