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Nov 7, 2014
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Here's some info on Game On Chip Company's plaques and chips. The pricing info is from September 2014, so prices could have increased since then. Pricing may also vary based on the size of an order, if options (like UV printing) are utilized, or who-knows-what. But, the prices listed work as a general guideline. Sorry I don't have a price for the octagon. I assume it would be pretty close to the price for the 47mm?

Lastly, be aware that GOCC offers rounded-corner plaques in the same sizes as their cut-corner plaques shown here. (I only have samples of the cut-corner plaques.)


Here's GOCC's info page: (NOTE: The side-view drawing of the round and cut-corner plaques shows no recess on the bottom of the plaque. This is NOT accurate--both sides have identical bevels on the edges and recesses in the middle.)

This is meant to show the recessed middle of the cut-corner plaques:


For scale/size-comparison, I've added some very familiar 39mm chips:

Here's how the cut-corner plaques stack up with each other:

Here's how the "business card" plaque compares to one of Sunfly's plaques:

The business card plaques are the same thickness as regular chips (and the octagon).
The three cut-corner plaques are the same thickness between the three sizes but they are thicker than chips.

Here's a stack of 10 plaques with a barrel of chips (20):

A stack of 12 plaques is as close as you can get to 20-chip height without going over:

Personal bias alert: the business card plaque has a smooth finihs and a high-pitched plastic-y sound to it that I'm not fond of (sounds cheap), especially in comparison to the other three plaques that have a slightly textured/satin finish and a satisfying "clack" when stacked or dropped in a pile. I'd gladly order more cut-corner plaques but I wouldn't want any business card plaques.
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For reference my seating plaques are GOCC's business cards. I can verify that they have a plasticy click type of sound when picking them up. I think they are good for seating but would not use them for actual denominated plaques.

The quality of print from GOCC is outstanding however. I think they achieve a wonderful saturation of colors.

Great thread. Does GOCC do dealer buttons, round larger than 47mm?
awesome info, toad - thank you! do you have the price for custom 39mm chips? i got a quote maybe a year ago, but was curious if price had changed or if my memory is correct as to the price i was quoted (can't find my email with price which is really weird).
Great thread. Does GOCC do dealer buttons, round larger than 47mm?
I don't think so. I never received any info from them about that and I don't find anything like that on their web site.

do you have the price for custom 39mm chips?
Yessir, 85 cents @ 250 minimum.

I added GOCC's ceramic dimensions in post 1; they show the round-corner plaques, too.
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Do I understand correctly from the diagram that the bevel is only on one side of the plaques?

I think both sides have beveled edges, but only one face has the recessed center. toad?
Do you know their premium for edge-aligned printing?
No, sorry, I didn't ask that one. If anyone knows, though, please post it and I'll add it to the top.

Do I understand correctly from the diagram that the bevel is only on one side of the plaques?
Whoah, I didn't notice that before. The bevel and recessed middle are the same on both sides. I don't know why their diagram is off. I'll make a note in post 1. Thanks for catching that!
Does GOCC do dealer buttons, round larger than 47mm?

Yes, they offer a magnificent 63mm ceramic dealer button. Highly recommended, and priced competitively with OWPS's 60mm ceramic button.

On the other hand, the GOCC cut-corner and rounded-corner plaques (three sizes each) are not ceramic -- they are some type of slippery high-density plastic, which is very obvious (and somewhat disappointing) when handling them. The print quality is outstanding, but for the prices that GOCC wants for these (combined with the inherent slickness), I think the acrylic plaques from MSK Gaming provide a much better value for an end product that is much classier.

And if you are looking for hefty ceramic plaques with either rounded corners or ovals (four sizes each), it's hard to beat the price/quality/service combo offered by Old West Poker Supplies (OWPS) with their ceramic Sun-Fly offerings, which stack like bricks.
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