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I think about this kind of stuff all the time as I work with kids every day. I feel sorry for them in some ways. They never got the opportunity to grow up and be kids without social media. There are pros and cons to advancing technology. I'm almost 50. Sometimes I wish I were born ten years earlier because of the music...and I'd be retired by now hosting two games a week...
I agree. I don't know if social media is to blame but I often feel like kids today don't get to enjoy being a kid. They have to worry about so much that we didn't have to. That said, social media, cell phones, and the internet have been one of my greatest challenges as a parent. A challenge that I'm unable to reach back to my parents for any advice/experience on how to handle.
Wow, great find. Yup, I was born in 77 and my wife in 78 and this definitely rings true (oh, those CD clubs and their wacky stamps!)
I'm 46. I didn't have my first cell phone until I was 40. My wife didn't have hers until she was 42. I say this, because my kids didn't get cellphones until they could afford to buy the phone and pay for their own service.

Neither of us are into social media either (PCF is my facebook :) )

Having two girls, myspace and fb were a pain in the ass. I ended up disconnecting our wireless so they couldn't sneak down on the PC in the middle of the night to check that shit.
I grew up in the nintendo/sega days. (little bit of artari too).. had an awesome childhood because I was able to find balance between technology and sunshine.
I do feel bad for the kids these days.. Being bombarded from every side with advertising and pop culture
Forums are as close to social media as I get these days. I have never and will never have a facebook page. I have a gmail account so I have a G+ account that gets ignored. I had a myspace page years ago for promotion when I was doing body piercing on a regular basis. I hated every second of having a myspace page.

It has definitely been interesting watching the tech boom as it happens. It makes me wonder if I feel the same as someone my age did in the early 1900's when the auto industry was born, even though the pace of technology is a little faster than automobile development was.
I hated myspace because people were given too much freedom to muck up their pages. So if you visited it might not be legible because of background or text colors, there might be music that suddenly played but there was no common location to shut it off on each persons page, or it might just crash your browser cause they had too much flashing shit all over it.

Of course, when Facebook was out I remember saying "why do I need Facebook, I already have Myspace!"

And now I'm on Facebook and no longer use Myspace. I was also a late adopter to cell phones (but I'm not a big fan of being called, I'd rather email)

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