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Not Mine Gasser Chairs in Central NJ (1 Viewer)


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Jul 29, 2013
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I picked up 10 of these chairs this afternoon for my poker room. Gasser Model SE-8800-S10:



They're very nice, decent color if you don't mind the gold legs, lightweight, stack-able, Flex-Back and incredibly comfortable for long poker sessions (these are the same model as my current chairs, just newer & in better condition). Based on the label they're about 15 years old, but they're about as clean and undamaged as you'll get for a used chair of this quality - the leg have minor scrapes from stacking, a few had small stains to the upholstery (most cleaned up with some fantastic), and the seats on the bottom of the stack had some slight indentations from being stacked on - but no upholstery scrapes or tears or holes, and all the legs/casters were in great shape. He actually has an eBay ad as well, which is how I found them this afternoon , however I'd recommend using the contact number in CL ad and deal with cash on pickup, it'll save you NJ sales tax. The guy selling them was very nice, it looked like he had another 100+ of these, and I believe he has a few other styles as well.


Slight indentation to the seat cushion on the bottom chair:

Most of them look like this

Seat backs are very clean, no gouges to the trim

Legs in good shape

All them had the cardboard bottom (covers where the legs connect so they don't leave big indentations) and about half had the Gasser label

Comparing these to my older Gassers, which will likely be for sale shortly ;)
Nice! I am still on the hunt for better Gasser chairs. The guy who sold me mime, still has a couple dozen or so left, in the Madison area, if anyone is interested...

The ones I picked up are not nearly as nice as the ones you snagged. Even though they’re the same model...


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