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Don Clay

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Apr 24, 2013
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EDIT 02-18-2014 : END OF SALE.

Hi ladies & gentlemen,

for sale, Paulson chips (none BCC) from the Garden City Casino (San José, CA).
All used condition.
Prices don't include shipping cost (from Paris to your home) and paypal f(l)ees, lol;

100 x $.25 THC mold (a few nicks, a few stamps more or less vanished) : SOLD
100 x $.50 giant inlay (in good shape with nicks) : SOLD
100 x $1 RHC mold (some nicks) : SOLD
40 x $2 giant inlay (nicks with round edges) : /
60 x $3 giant inlay (in better shape than $2, but with nicks) : SOLD
100 x $5 (same shape as the $1s).
I love those $5s with yellow, white and mint green spots : SOLD
20 x $10 giant inlay (in good shape, with a few nicks) : SOLD
My favorite chip. Because we don't have often a mauve chip, especially with this denom.
100 x $20 giant inlay (Also great chips but more used than the others) : /
200 x $100 RHC mold (in better shape than $1's and $5's, a few nicks) SOLD
40 x $500 IHC mold, oversized 43mm chips (in good shape, round edges, a very few nicks) : /
40 x $1000 IHC mold, oversized 43mm chips (in very good shape, square edges : VGC to Excellent condition) : /

I can split these denoms only :
-quarters, hundoes, $2s, $3s ands $10s.

You can see the chips here :

I'll quote shipping worldwide, on demand.
Sorry, shipping to Hoth system is not available at this time ;-)

More seriously, as high shipping cost are well known from France, I'll take some on my side (ie :signing deliver option)
Paypal friend only.

Feel free to pm me.
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I'm interested in the RHC one dollar chips if someone else was interested in everything else
hmmmm..wonder what those $1 chips will be used for. :D
sorry King and Mr Cheese, another member pm'ed me earlier,
quarters, $1's, $5's, a rack of hundoes, and a barrel of $1000 are spoken for.

PM sent for some of the odd denoms (50¢, $3, and $10), mostly because I don't have any of those in the GC collection!
It wasn't me. I already have 200 blue RHC chips. :p
quarters, $1s $5s and 100 x $100 sold.

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

$.50, $3 & $10 chips are sold.
End of the sale.
A new thread will pop up soon, perhaps with more chips.
The preeeeeecious oversized will be offered by the barrel.
PCF member, stay tuned :)
Nico, I received the Garden City chips and the cut cards yesterday (Tuesday) at work, and got a chance to look at them last night. They all look great, and none appear to have been damaged during shipping. And wow, what a nice surprise that you sent me a couple extra chips - the Empress primary $25 and the Oak Tree $5. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! I'm just now starting to build a collection of Empress chips, but I didn't yet have any primary $25 chips, and the chip you sent me looks SO much better in person than in the many photos I've seen. Also, I never bought a single Oak Tree chip (a mistake), so it was great to get one and give me even more "buyer's remorse" than I already had.

I hope you don't mind me posting this publicly, rather than responding via email, but I wanted to let everyone else know what a nice guy you are, and that anything they purchase from you will probably make the trip from France safely.

Thanks again!
Thanks so much Tim, I deeply appreciate your post.
I hope the chips will bring you great boards !
Ski did you get the blue RHC chips?!?! If so congrats my friend!

Nope buddy, I am not the getter of the blue RHCs.

I do have a rack of the blue Garden City $1 BCC sun molds, but I know those aren't of interest to you! :)
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