Gangster Squad Mockup... Which inlay to version to go with? (1 Viewer)

Gangster Squad Pip Boy Inlay or 3 Gangster Shilloute Inlay

  • Neither, your design is terrible. I volunteer to make you a better inlay design!

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Aug 8, 2013
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While I'm realizing I am not going to have the money to get my Gangster Squad chips made by CPC right now I can afford to have labels made and put those on some chips.

Which of the following two versions of the inlay do you like the best? Those aren't necessarily the denoms that would go on those chips btw.

Pipboy Gangster or 3 Gangster? Any suggestions to make either better is also welcome. I'm by no means an expert designer.
Gangster Squad Chip Mockup.jpg

Here are really sample of the labels and chips.
Matte Non Laminated from Gear

In the splashed pot are Matte finish non laminated and gloss base matte laminated (too thick ie spinners so no laminated labels for me).
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Hey, those look good on the Stevens!!
I prefer the 3 gangster. Cool set!
Don't laugh... If you're having a hard time deciding... Do one of each, and alternate side has one design, the other side has the second design. Kinda cool if you ask me...
I like Trihonda's idea. I did something like that with my Kings Club tourney set. Each denom has chips with one of four different inlay (four kings). Makes stuff interesting!
That's not a bad idea Trihonda! I'd update the pole and put that as an option but I don't think I can edit polls unfortunately.
Three gangster for about color matching the middle gangster with the edgepots, just a thought. I also like the flipside idea.
I like Trihonda's idea. I did something like that with my Kings Club tourney set. Each denom has chips with one of four different inlay (four kings). Makes stuff interesting!

Yes, the Kings Club is one of my favorite ASM sets!!! One reason for this is the uniqueness of each chip. Same theme, same overall look, but slight differences in each denom. Brilliant.

So, I'd like to amend my suggestion to include either doing the two different labels on EACH chip, OR doing simply alternating the labels on different denoms (piggy on one chip, three guys on another). If you had another design (crossed tommy guns, for instance), you could put that on a third chip.

Keep us updated on your decision.
I prefer the 3 gangster design. The pipboy design is a tad "cartoonish" for me.
I like the pip boy label on it's own, but I think the simple one color edge spots on the Stevens work better with the cleaner 3 silhouette logo. Color matching could be a cool addition too.
I like the 3 gangsta's, they go with the name better.....One gangster is not quite a SQUAD....If you know what I mean...
Thanks for all the votes and ideas everyone. I'm liking the idea of having the center gangster be color matched so I may try that and see how it looks. Also I'm still tempted by using both design on the chips. If I don't use the pipboy inlay I may save him for a Fallout 3/New Vegas themed set of chips in the future.
I color matched the middle gangster to the edge spots and it just didn't look right so I color matched the denomination instead. I think I really like the denomination color matched. What do ya think?

Gangster Squad Chip color matched denoms.jpg
I agree the 25¢ is a bit hard to read. Maybe have a white border around the denom or match it to the chip base...
Thanks for the advice, I updated the denoms to have a thin white border around them to help the 25c show up better.

I love the pip boy design but I think I may end up saving him for my Fallout themed poker chip set which will be the next set I make (oh boy I don't even have this set done and I'm planning my next set haha!)

Gangster Squad Chip color matched denoms.jpg
Hey Woody,

Just tried white for the denom on the 25c. I'm not sure how I feel about it, all the other denoms match the edge spots so with the white chip I think it might be too much white.
Gangster Squad Chip color matched white .jpg

Here's the blue .25 denom but with a 5px white border around all the denoms instead of a 2px white border.

Gangster Squad Chip color matched denoms.jpg
I'll make a light grey one and see how that looks. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm by no means a great designer so I appreciate the tips and suggestions.

Spike, I'll be using the single pip boy gangster in my next set which will feature a whole slew of pipboy characters from Fallout :)

Here's the sample with a light grey 25 cent and no white borders on any of the denominations. I think this is my favorite so far. Thoughts and suggestions?
Gangster Squad Chip color matched grey.jpg
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