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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
The Key West Resort & Casino would like to offer free VIP Club membership at the Key West Resort & Casino, and preferred pricing discounts of 5 percent (on chips) and 10 percent on other casino items.

All registered members of Poker Chip Forum may enter the password-protected VIP Club page, where they will find new items, special items, a monthly contest for cash and prizes, and a button to jump to the "Preferred Pricing Page."

Preferred pricing is a hidden page. It's not in the navigation bar. You need to click on the "Preferred Pricing" button inside the VIP Club. There, you'll see nearly all of our items at 5 to 10 percent off.

The password to enter the VIP Cub is: aceofclubs

That's "ace of clubs" with no spaces.

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