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Mar 21, 2019
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I have a bunch of samples I'm going to offer up as giveaways! :tup:

**Special thanks to @Just1Better for donating all of these to the cause. Doesn't get "much better" than that. I needed a couple singles to complete a CC Pharaoh's sample for a giveaway, and instead, Mitch sent me the singles plus these other 4 fabulous sample sets. Tiki Tiki Kings, Nevada Jacks, Nile Club, NexGen, and Pharaoh's. Thanks so much @Just1Better . This is a fabulous gesture and I'm extremely happy to offer these up. What a guy! Huge heart!**

Depending on the number of entries, I'll run 5 tables of NLHE poker. The players will be determined by a randomly generated number. Pretty simple. I'll elaborate closer to the day I run the game and will base it on how many entries there are.

EDIT : I'll label the Samples, and the winners will be assigned a random number and that will be the prize you will win. It will be random through and through. No picking what you want please.

Contest open to anyone and everyone interested. I'll accept entries until Wednesday evening give an extra day or three.:) I'll sound a warning. So all newbies, post your "IN" ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE : I won't ship the prizes internationally unless the entrants will pay the difference in cost of shipping. ($3USD is included, but any cost above this, and the winner will need to pay. If this is not agreeable, please do not enter)

The pr0n :
Scroll (sample #1)

Nile Club (sample #2)

Tiki Tiki Kings (sample #3)

Nevada Jacks (sample #4)

Pharaoh's CC (sample #5)

Thanks for looking! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!:):tup:
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In! More specifically china clays I have never handle any. Willing to pay for shipping (if it is not a crazy amount)
In, thanks! But if I manage to win some of the samples I already have I'll pass them on to the next in line, if that's ok.
Cool giveaway Nav! (Not in)
Great giveaway for new members to get some samples! GL to everyone :tup:
Thanks guys! This is really made possible by @Just1Better's unbelievable generosity. He knew that I'd be running giveaways, and supplied these samples. I'll also be running an additional giveaway of some other samples in a couple weeks! Stay tuned. :):tup:
Is NexGen somehow affiliated with Scroll ceramics? I thought they were just a product line of ABS chips that used to be slugged now rebranded as the NexGen Pro.
Is NexGen somehow affiliated with Scroll ceramics? I thought they were just a product line of ABS chips that used to be slugged now rebranded as the NexGen Pro.
Maybe I have my chips mixed up also. Maybe I am in possession of Scroll ceramics and not NexGen. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
I'll be closing this tomorrow morning folks.

ANY newcomers to the forum, that maybe can't post yet, drop me a PM, and I'll post for ya.

Get some free samples!!
1. @PokerDots
2. @ChipFinderSK
3. @dutch_whaley
4. @rrobyrrroby
5. @pluto
6. @brofessor_phd
7. @Raphmivey
8. @Fokker210
9. @cfowl23
10. @StatTracker
11. @davethesave
12. @LeGold
13. @jun
14. @sheslikeice
15. @Bulldog
16. @Squidge

Closed for entries! Will forego the poker game as there aren't alot of entries. I've assigned all of you a position. I'll use the random number generator in a little while to make some winners! I'll start with Sample #1 and move down the list of samples. I'll remove the winner after each drawing.
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