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Mr. Cheese

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Aug 8, 2013
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Just curious how you all would have played this hand.

Starting stacks of 2k with blinds at 25/50. Option to buy additional 5k worth of chips for actual money.

4 out of 10 players at my table paid to get the additional 5k worth of chips. I decided the point of a free roll tourney for me was to not spend any money so I passed on the additional chips.

2nd hand of the game I get pocket 10's. I'm 6th to act and so far no one has raised. What do you do?

I'll update this as the discussion evolves with the results of the hand.
Shove all day you pick up the blinds at worse. If called you will almost always have the best hands. If you raise to 150 and get re poped by the bb your hating your hand. It's a free roll right have fun if you bust meh. But if you double now you can compete with the big stacks.
I did what Saw said and shoved all in. 1 person to the left of me called (We'll say he's the villian) as did one of the limpers (both had the extra add on chips). Flop comes rainbow 2, 7, Q.

Original limper raises 1k. Villian calls him.

Turn card is an A. Limper raises again 1k. Villian re-raises to 2k. Limper folds.

We flip our hands and the final card comes out... a 4.

Person to left of me had A K so he hit aces on the turn.

That was the end of my first casino tourney :(.
Well I'm glad you did what I would do and I'm glad I was right but it sucks you got unlucky. Better luck next time. I was hitting a cold deck for the last few months in my local casinos tourneys but my last two I played in one being last night I final tabled and finished 7th and 5th respectively I hope to keep it up tomorrow.
Yeah I mean I figured it was the right move with a mid pocket pair but I knew there was a good chance some of the big stacks might call with higher cards in their hand. Next week I'm going to try and play a little more tight off the bat so I make it further then 2 hands lol.

Nice job on the 5th and 7th finishes. How many people are in those tourneys? Are they big enough where 5th or 7th would pay out any money?
Ya 500 5th and 130 7th last nights was smaller with only 80 buy ins the other was like 125 or somethin like that.
I say I would shove 80%\20 % raise say 600

The problem is, raising to 600 puts more than a quarter of his stack into the pot. I'd say its a shove or fold (I would shove).

Now if you had bought the 5k in additional chips. Then a raise to 400-500 would be great.


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