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Oct 11, 2013
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I posted this image in another thread yesterday and I'm looking to see if anyone can confirm that these are official Fournier cards. They don't appear on the Fournier website but I can see them listed on HomePokerTourney - are these perhaps old stock? I can see them for sale from Lithuania and from Germany. Anyone got any of these themselves?
fournier 2818.jpg
I think the card experts here are Thomacetti, Milo013 and CdnBeerLover; they should be able to tell you what is currently available.

Have you tried looking in the 'Cards Review' thread to see if there is something similar there?
I have a set-up of those. Got them from CaraGail's. The designation escapes me at the moment, but they are no different than other Fourniers, which is to say a very high quality card in both appearance and manufacture. Not sure if they are available in narrow, or if that matters to you.

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Caragails is blocked at work.
Unrelated wishing . . . would LOVE to see Fournier produce a high end card like a Torcello or a Platinum Acetate. I would probably never buy another type of card if they did.
Thanks. They appear to be available in red, blue, green and orange from a few places in Europe and don't come with a box which seems a little strange. I much prefer the backs on them though to either the plain red and blue or the WSOP cards.
I think the 2818 is just the face style (Jumbo, 2 pip, poker size) and applies to all similar cards.

I don't know what sites we can or can't post but you can get them from 4aces-poker (Germany), playtowin (Italy) and Shop4Top (Lithuania) and a few Russian sites. Playtowin and Shop4Top sell on eBay. I was just unsure whether to trust cards that didn't even come boxed but they look like they're ok.
Not boxed? That seems odd. Worst I have ever seen was Modiano set-ups that sold in a cheap cardboard box with the cello-wrapped decks in this crappy plastic white tray. It's the only time I was ever annoyed buying Modianos.
Yes, the bridge size are all good. I have those Rosas in bridge size.

These are the ones I'm interested in.

I have never seen a package like that . . . 6 set-ups (12 decks) for how much? buy some clear plastic cases elsewhere and be done with it.

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Is the vendor selling them individually?
Yes, you can buy decks individually. You can also buy a box of 12 decks (6 red/6 blue) for €125,00 plus shipping from Germany.

I think another seller has them at $130 plus shipping from Germany.
125 Euros for the box? That's almost 21 Euros a set-up, about $25.00 USD. That is almost what you'd pay here for Platinum Acetate Modianos. What's the shipping going to run you? Unless it is very small, I think I would explore other options, but then again, I do not know if this is the normal pricing over there.
I can't get hold of any poker-sized Fourniers for much less than £20/$32 per setup, delivered. I can get Platinum Acetates (when in stock) for $25 delivered.

Obviously I don't need these cards. I just don't have any Fournier poker-sized cards (while I do already have some Platinum Acetates).
Well, none of us need all the stuff we have . . . but it's fun to have cool stuff to show off. I say buy 'em.
I've ordered two decks of the plain-backed 2818s now, mainly because of the price. If I like them sufficiently I may move onto the 'casino' decks with no boxes in the future.
I received my decks yesterday and I was a bit disappointed. They feel very rough at the edges. I'm used to being able to a very smooth edge when the deck is together.

I compared them with my current favourite - Modiano Texas Poker - and they have a slightly bigger index and a slightly darker/more faded red. The edges of the cards are less rounded. The face cards are better than the Modianos but otherwise I prefer the Texas Poker cards hands down.
Gemaco Superflex ftw, if you can still find 'em.

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