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Nov 7, 2020
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Orlando, Florida
I have purchased a couple of cut cards online to go with my Fournier 2826 bridge decks I recently got. Each of these cut cards is just slightly too wide (yes I'm getting bridge/narrow cut cards). The difference is very small but noticeable enough to be annoying to hold the deck with the cut card. The same has been true for both places I've purchased cut cards from (maybe they're just cheap cut cards and I need to look elsewhere).

Are these cards known to be slightly narrower than what a standard bridge sized card is? And anyone know where I can get cut cards for them?


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Fournier are 57mm wide
Most bridge size cards work on a 58mm width
reduce your cut card =)
The cards are sweet. A little stiffer than others but I like that.

I didn't think about cutting it - might not make the rounded edge look so great but worth a try

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