For those that said I'd love the Mardi Gras v2b chips... (1 Viewer)


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Feb 2, 2015
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United States were right.

I just doubled the size of my set...added some $.25's, $.50's, $20's, $100's, and a few $500's. Going to sell a couple other sets to pay for these beauties.Thanks for helping me feed the habit and find some great new chips!
Man, I was hoping you wouldn't like them! Was ready to take them out of your hands! LOL

Just kidding... Enjoy your 'larger' set those are indeed awesome chips...
Those Mardi Gras chips are fantastic looking. I've been tempted by them many times in the past.
I love the look of those chips as well. I've got a full sample set in an acrylic chip display in my living room. The colors and the edge spots are so nice. The big image looks great but I've never liked inlays that go onto the mold of a chip. That's my only detraction from an otherwise awesome set of chips.

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