Foldable Topper Around 70x35 inches, 180x90 cm (1 Viewer)


Sitting Out
Aug 19, 2022
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Portland, OR
Has anyone seen a foldable topper with rails similar to this sold in the US?

Looking for something a little nicer than the standard ones with the plastic chip trays. I would prefer to stack chips vertically rather than laying them in the trays.

This one comes close but doesn't have the best reviews and is too long.

I currently use this mat which fits my table perfectly and looks pretty good. Just would be nice to have something that looks a little nicer with a rail. Hopefully the PCF mat will be available again in the future for extra thickness.

Would a Barrington table with legs removed work as a topper? Maybe the bottom would need to be padded to protect the dining table?

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