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Jan 5, 2022
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chula vista
Trying to elevate my home game with a set of custom chips! We currently play with Monte Carlo 14g Clays that everyone likes. I prefer the feel/sound of 10g ceramics, I bought a sample set of Nevada Jacks which has been my dream set! I'm now setting my sights on a custom set with our own artwork.

I was poking around a recent China Card Mold group buy and I mentioned $.39/chip to the guys which I think will be our price range. Looking around for different options and open to any suggestions! I know re-labeling is an option as well but maybe too technical.

I'll add a few questions:

What's a fun and cheap project that would be around that $.39/chip with custom art price range (if that exists)?

Is there an option that would be a happy medium between a 14g Clay and a 10g ceramic?

Where/who can I look into group buys?

Thanks in advance for your help!
For 39c/chip for a set of custom chips, the cards mold (or their no mold) is what’s available. China clays are around 50c and that’s not counting the cost of custom labels. Next step is ceramics from but those will run close to $1/chip.
Is there an option that would be a happy medium between a 14g Clay and a 10g ceramic?
I think this not the most important part of you inquiry but Compression Molded Clay Chips are usually 8.5-10g (give or take on the specific chip). Ceramics are usually 9-10g (but tend to be more consistent weight wise).
Cards mold and no mold chips are probably your best, and probably only, option for customs on your budget. I'd 100% get these if I was in your spot. Plus if you already like the feel of ceramics it's pretty much a no brainer. Still, get samples! I think Tina has:

- cards mold
- no mold smooth
- no mold textured
Chinese ceramics are about the only option at that price point. Unless you’re doing the artwork yourself, add artist fees on top of that as well, which can be anywhere from $50 - $150 (roughly), depending on complexity of design. Or use one of the many stock designs.
Tina also has hybrids (ceramics with a recessed sticker).
Chinese ceramics are a good option! Anita from Shengzhou Kaile Recreation or Tina from Shenzhen City Chenglin Industrial are some producers.

I think due the popularity of Tina’s chips on PCF they have more leverage to increase there cost per chip and transport costs (when buying individual)

Anita from Kaile has less leverage and can offer you more chips and same quality for a better price

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