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Jan 7, 2022
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Shout out to @turboj623 . I made my first PCF purchase from him, 2 racks of HSI secondary $1s. They arrived quickly, nicely packaged, and just as described. Very nice! I'm thinking of ordering custom .5 fracs from CPC for the home cash game. I have a sample set coming to get the colors right. But I think I'll need another rack of these, or 2. If anyone has a lead on 1 or 2 more racks of these HSI secondary $1s, lemme know.

Congrats bro, welcome. Awesome first chips. Yeah, you are going to need some more! Haha.

I have a huge HSI set. Good choice for a first set because there’s tons of options floating around, won’t be hard for you to build up a proper set pretty quick and pretty cheap.

You can even make a “wanted” ad for whatever you are looking for in the classified section.

People have made a lot of HSI fracs out of other paulsons and “relabeled” them, you can do it too, pretty easy and most likely cheaper and get it done quicker than custom fracs from CPC. (We don’t usually mix Cpc with paulsons in a set)

There was a pretty cool HSI set being parted out recently that had some awesome fracs for sale, and I just saw another couple racks of light blue that someone had bought to relabel as HSI fracs just today.

Good luck! Welcome to the poorhouse :)
Congrats on the secondary $1! They're my favorite of the 3 HSI$1 chips.
I made a set of fracs from Paulson solids. I bought a cheap drill press ($53 on sale) at Harbor Freight and a 7/8" cleanout drill bit from Magnate.
If you choose to go this route, there's lots of info on the milling process. It's easy and fun.
If you choose to have someone else mill, here's vendors here that can do it for you.
Gear labels (also a vendor here) makes awesome matching HSI labels.

i think someone just put up some of the 5s that you see above in the auction section (no affiliation to me)

try to get the lay of the land around here before making any major purchases, i studied the clssified section for a long time figuring what the "going rate" was for things i was considering buying. its really a can of worms...

you did great picking the HSIs. look back at "The Chiproom" sales section to see what the original offering was and a detailed line up of all the chips that were offered. most have appreciated alot since then, others can be had for reasonable prices still.
you always remember your first, but then you start to hate your first, for getting you hooked on the pleasure you desire now.

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