First attempt at mock ups - feedback wanted (1 Viewer)

Which 5 do you like best? Going back, I think I like the first one best with white and pink spots.

this one:

Big fan of the 1 and 100, both are keepers.

I like the 1s and 100s the most :) Although I would personally go with a bolder purple like the one @Coyote posted!

i would mourn the loss of the triple moon & sorry i did mean cash (nsm "limit")

Agree about the 1 and 100. I could just break the budget I guess. It’s not like I’ll be mourning the money for two semi-unnecessary racks of 1s in the long run :whistle: :whistling:
idk, seems like making it a 2 would keep that legacy game possible (2/4 NL)

It would work, I agree. But I have trouble with using other denoms than the usual 1/5/25/100/500. Making the 25 a 20 is a stretch in itself for me :). Maybe I just need some time to get used to the idea of a 2-chip
i totally get that. sometimes i think cali colors would be cool then i make blue 1s red 5s and green 25s. anything else would confuse me ~at least at first. i have a little dunes CC cash set w/ some $20 chip. never put them in to play/not sure i can adapt

what i say isn't absolute, i'm fine w/ white dollars (blue is something of an adaptation)& i've gotten used to snappers (2.50)

i've also transposed the progression to fractionals ~my cash set is red nickels for .05 and green quarters for .25. so, i guess that's something of a quagmire

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