Finally got around to digging thru my storage unit. :-) (2 Viewers)

weird.. I used imgur links. Lemme try the local upload if it can handle bigger files.

Ok.. cool it can handle decent sized jpgs, some forums can't handle anything over a couple of MB.

I'll use the local file upload from now on, thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it. @krafticus


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I remember when these came out. My parent's clothing business was doing work for Godard back then (crystal designs of his paintings). I still have all of the style sheets I did along with the banners I designed. We were supposed to meet him one year in Vegas but it was at the time when his daughter was really sick.
I almost bought one of those cases back then but for some reason, never did.
This was a blast from the past. Thanks for posting (for the memories)!!

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