[Figured it out] How Often Do Cards Mold GBs Happen?

May 6, 2021
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So I'm newer to chipping, and I've been ordering samples like crazy. With that my pick of chips has out kicked my coverage per say. To say that when I finally started calculating the total for a 600 chip micro-cash set of Majestics kind of ran over my budget. And when I say the price it just kind of made me think that I really dont like the chips that much. They are really nice chips, have a great feel, but for spending that much I just dont feel like I'm going to get the enjoyment out of them. I was comfortable with the price of the Milanos but the more time I spent with my samples the more and more I just didn't like the feel or muted design of them.

With that I started looking at buying a much smaller set of Jack Cincinnati's from The Chip Room sales. I know more expensive than Majestics. But at least with those I would feel like I'm getting closer to what I want (I really like to color palette). Plus the resale is good if I find something in the future I want more. But in reality my idea with those (using the $5 as 5 cent and so on) became unattainable at the higher denominations, and lord knows how long it would take to finish my set on my budget.

After looking a while I say people heavily recommending card mold chips. Then I saw the options people had put together, and the color ranges, then the price. I saw I could get exactly what I wanted for a very good price. But alas it looks like I missed the boat on the last major Cards Mold GB. Seems like a few more are popping off for EU and Canada, but I was wondering if there are any that potentially might be getting started in the US any time soon.

I'm not really at a place to support a group buy myself. And I really dont feel like I have enough experience with chipping in general, or design expertise to work directly with the companies.

Honestly I would ask if anyone has any recommendations, but I've been cruising this forum for a few weeks, youtube for about a month or two, and amazon, ebay and all the chip sites. And there is nothing else that I've seen or sampled, that really floats my boat in my price range.

Also on a side note, I saw that $0.30 per chip is about the average for a large GB. About how much does someone on this forum charge for some minor design work? I already have my logo, my font and an idea for colors and layout. I just dont have any expertise in putting it all together in a format that the producers would need to print it.


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Oct 29, 2014
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Contact @timinater for the design work; he has a pretty good handle on the color palettes of both companies doing Cards Mold group buys. There are others as well, but I don't have personal experience.
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