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Royal Flush
Nov 6, 2014
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This is not a PPR League. I can only start two of them.

WR G. Tate @ARI
WR TY Hilton vsNE
WR B. Cooks vs CINC

Both Hilton and Tate are playing teams with tough DB's but both games are likey to feature lots of passing which is a plus. Cooks is just too inconsistent to start over either of the others. He could have a bigger game but he could also lay an egg.
Hilton definitely. Cooks is boom or bust. Tate is haveing a career year, and with Peterson on Megatron, will probably get a decent amount of looks. If you are looking for more of a sure thing, I go Tate, but if you want to gambool, go with Cooks.

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