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Aug 24, 2013
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New to the site. Used to post years back but lost my login

Anyway, I was browsing craigslist and eBay and saw these. This is one set of like 5 that I'm considering and I wanted to get some feedback from the pros here.
Is this set pretty good? Whats a fair price to bid?

Any feedback would be very helpful.

1 000 Bellagio Replica Tournament Poker Chip SET Racks Included | eBay

It's a nice set of ceramic tourney chips. I like the design. Not sure price wise. Someone will chime in to help with that.

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The listing's description sounds pretty accurate. I don't know which manufacturer made these particular chips. (Chipco, possibly, which would make them top-quality ceramics.) You could ask the seller which manufacturer made the chips, then decide if the breakdown is right for you.

Palm Gaming International has real Chipco ceramics from the Royal YAK Casino, Mexico (real chips, casino never opened), all mint, for 50 cents each -- probably the best deal on new, real casino chips anywhere right now.

If you prefer the Bellagio replicas and like the breakdown offered on e-bay, I'd offer around $350 - $390 for the set of 1,000.
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The breakdown is horrible and it may be tough to track down owner of the design / convince a manufacturer to replicate / find more to make a playable set
True on the breakdown, I'd make sure you'd be happy with it because having to search for more in the future would suck.

Chips look good though.
This is, apparently, the third site that this EXACT posting has been made on. Chiptalk and 2+2 being the others. Anybody want to wager on how long it takes the OP to find HPT?
Well... I'd agree with the horrible breakdown advice. A great deal on a non playable set, isn't really all that great of a deal...
This is, apparently, the third site that this EXACT posting has been made on. Chiptalk and 2+2 being the others. Anybody want to wager on how long it takes the OP to find HPT?

I noticed that too. Someone is obviously trying to circumvent some ad policies on some of these sites.
Just an FYI if someone plans on purchasing these chips and adding on to make it a playable set.

1. The chips in the auction seem like the the chips from the Original Group buy that have a smaller inlay diameter.

2. The chips offered by Old West Poker Supplies and other vendors has a slightly larger inlay diameter.

3. The colors of each chip do not exactly match the same as the original group buy chips.

I only know this because I purchased a large set from a person that was involved in the original group buy and the set was only playable for about 20 players.

I needed a playable set for 50 players and purchased the remaining chips I needed from a vendor assuming it was the same exact chips, but it wasn't.

It was a costly 350 chip purchase and I had to wait another 6 months for a another Group buy participant to put the original chips up for sale to finish my set to match.

IMO, the difference was significant enough that I didn't want to use the chips I bought from a vendor with the chips I bought from the original group buy.

If you can buy the chip from the auction really cheap and you have the patience to wait for another set to come up for sale, then go for it.

I just wouldn't expect anyone to be happy if they had to add-on with chips purchased from a vendor. They are just not the same. Hope that helps.

As others have mentioned the break is just terrible. These chips can be found at a variety of online. Here are two that immediately come to mind:

If you can get the set on eBay at a reasonable price I would say go for it.
Good info. Thanks for sharing.
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