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Apr 1, 2013
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What is your favourite web browser extension? For me it is AdBlock. It has speeded up browsing hugely for me. It has also made my browser(s) more stable. It turned out that on many occasions when the browser had stopped responding, it was because an advertisement had failed to load! I also have several "Do not track" extensions to stop behavioural advertising companies from tracking my browsing habits.

How about you? Do you have lots of extensions or none at all? Do you have any poker related extensions?
AdBlock is great.

Two other great extensions for me are, HTTPS Everywhere and Ghostery.

HTTPS Everywhere to guarantee a secure connection to websites and Ghostery to block 3rd party web bugs (behavioral data collectors, analytic providers etc.)
I use Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere too. I also have DoNotTrackMe by abine to prevent social networks and others from collecting data about my online behaviour. In addition, I have one called "Keylogger Beater". Basically, it is designed to make it more difficult for a keylogger to get hold of your passwords. Although it is not completely impossible to do so even with this addon (and they admit this themselves), it would certainly give a keylogger another hurdle to jump.

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