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Jul 4, 2018
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Hey everyone, I have been seeing some interesting colors for the $1 chip for cash game sets recently. SOme brown and some butterscotch. I am a fan of the BLACK DOLLAR of course.
Really curious what everyone likes. ALso please bring the pictures. I am bored so I made this thread.
Blue for the win!
Photo Jan 23, 08 49 38.jpg
White or blue for a traditional (more or less) LV lineup, and blue with a "traditional" Cali lineup. In a non-traditional lineup, my imagination can run wild. For sure, workhorse chips would include a deep purple chip, probably as the $1.
White gets dirty in no time, especially as a blinds-chip or a workhorse-chip.
I still made one, out or "religious" belief, intended to be handled by civilised people only (very wishful and hard-to-get reality):D

More realistically, blue is the way to go:

I might have gone with a lighter blue, though, looking back:
AO light blue.png

Yellow is a very nice idea too, for a $1, provided you have an idea of what to do with the rest of the denominations.

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