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Jul 7, 2013
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Northeast US
What's your favorite beverage? Mine used to be beer for quite a while. Now that I don't drink much I prefer water and green tea. That's about all I ever drink these days. How about you?
Uhhhh...beer? :D

Seriously, coffee in the mornings, and a nice cold beer (Sleeman Cream Ale is my current favorite) during an evening /weekend. I have a nice selection of scotch, but most days I just prefer the beer. Either way, I don't drink a lot...maybe 3 beers / week.

My coffee habit was bad...I used to drink 1-1 1/2 pots per day. Now I'm down to 3 mugs during the day and decaf in the evening.
Coffee in the morning, water the rest of the day. Unless we have company or im playing poker then its beer.
Tea . . . any time of the day.
Favourite beer Big Rock Brewing's Traditional Ale.
Favourite liquor is Vodka, though lately I am gaining an appreciation for Whiskey. Fortunately a local distiller makes some of the best of BOTH, so I am lucky that way. If you ever get the chance, try just about ANYTHING from Still Waters Distillery. Their motto is "Grain to Glass", and they make Single Malt Whiskey, Single Malt Vodka, as well as a blended Whiskey. All three are top notch . . .

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