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Aug 23, 2013
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I'm building a Fat Tire table, with lighted, raised rail. I'm going to chronicle the build here.

For starters, I met up with a builder (through our local facebook poker community), who was willing to cut me a good price (bad pun, I know) on CNC'ing all my lumber (at a price I couldn't refuse). He also did the pedestal bases at a decent price as well (assuming that I'll be finishing them).

I placed the order for lumber a while back, and just received the lumber today. I also ordered up a custom printed cloth and an aluminum suited diffuser from Chanman Poker (Tony does incredible work). The poker cloth design thread can be found HERE, and I'll try to post a couple pics in this thread for reference as well. Many Many thanks goes out to p5woody for his amazing designs and ease of working with.

I snagged 65lb rail foam from YAT, along with Volara foam for the play surface. I purchased Whisper Vinyl from Joanns, as I much prefer this to the black extreme vinyl that YAT sells (much easier to work with, and better results, better looking, etc...)

I received the lumber, and here is what I have so far.




Looking awesome, I will be following with great interest. I might be breaking down and replacing my current custom printed cloth with one of those Chanman poker cloths. I love the feel of my current cloth but not the card slide. Chanman's cloth seems like the best of both worlds.
Wood looks awesome. How much did the shipping cost to have those big pieces shipped? Was it from far away?
Looking forward to the build thread, but I thought you were taking a break?
Looking great so far. It's almost a shame to cover up that nice wood. Are you planning to stain the bases?
What color will the rail be? :D


Fire Resistant Fabrics
Looking forward to the build thread, but I thought you were taking a break?

Lol. You missed the post where I discussed playing a big tourney the Wednesday after the MTTD.?
Test fitting the diffusers. Going with the diffuser my local guy provided. A thicker milky acrylic vs the cracked ice plastic Chan threw in.



nice... thats what I still need is a diffuser. May I ask how much it cost you for your latest one?

Got it from Chanman. It wasn't cheap, but it was a bargain. Not sure if that makes sense?
Don't recall saying it before, but that felt is just awesome. You and P5 did a great job. Oh and chanman too
Dry fitting the acrylic and aluminum diffusers.





Installing t nuts to hold down the play surface


Getting ready to mount the pedestals. Decision time. The picture shows the pedestals each 16 inches from the outside edges. Is this too narrow? Should I go with 15" from the edge?

I've seen 24" inside btw the two.

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