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Nov 2, 2014
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Sorry if this has been covered before. I was hoping to put up a Facebook page for the people that play in my monthly games. I host a no rake, legal game. Instead of sending out 100+ emails a few times a month, I was hoping to post announcements and games to a Facebook page.

Is this legal in the state of Washington? Anyone tried this? I'm not about to risk trouble with the local authorities. I live in a small town and word travels fast!
If you make a Facebook "page," I believe it may become publicly visible, and that may fall afoul of laws prohibiting the promotion of gambling. I don't know Washington law.

However, I do know that you can do a Facebook Event, set it as private, and choose whom to invite. If you do this, it's only visible to those who are invited.

I do that for my regular games... after the event, it's easy to copy the event to replicate it:

- more / copy event
- set new date / time
- edit the event name (I add the date into the name)
- save; it automatically keeps the same group of people invited (that's the hard part!)
- then add a new event photo (it won't frickin' copy the photo, so I assign it every time)

Not so bad, and stays private, so it's relatively safe.
Create a private group, invite only.

Be sure to disable members' ability to add new members if you want to control who can invite/approve new blood.

Any events you create can be members only, so invisible to outsiders.
Do exactly what Toby said. I've been sending out my groups poker invites like this via creating an event and it works awesome. Only I can add members to the private group and its super easy to copy a prior event and update the time/date for a new event.

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