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Dec 9, 2014
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Clearing out the extras from my first huge custom set that was spread between 2 continents. If anyone is interested in the story on the chips, here it is. I used to work for an oil company in Dhahran. When you leave for good it is a process. Working there is lucrative but at a price of freedom etc. so many people are stuck because they need to secure a future....but everyone waits for the day they get an Exit Only Visa, hence the Exit Only Lounge. Mine came last July. I’ve kept a cash and tourney set and these are left. These are in almost new condition.

For sale is 3 heads up sets. Each with 100 chips - 40 25s, 40 100s, 20 500s.
Two sets are identical primaries with white color gradient inlays
One set is mostly secondaries with black inlays. One barrel of hundos are primaries

CPC base colors are light green, black, lavender

Prices for each primary set is $150 shipped to USA
Price for the mixed set is $125 shipped to USA
payment is PayPal f&f

This is a dibs sale. If a couple buyers call dibs on one set and then someone comes in and wants it all, they get dibs over single rack buyers. Hope that makes sense.

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