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Jan 23, 2020
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Los Angeles
Hi all!
College student here. I started playing poker regularly with friends this past year and am currently mustering the courage to play online (pretty bad internet in my room since the router is on the first floor ;(
When I was looking for alternatives to dice chips, I stumbled across @Hobbyphilic and his YT videos led me here!
I'm mostly on the singles hunt rn. Some of the ones that've really caught my eye (and I can already feel the pain to my wallet) are the Horseshoe Cleveland primary $25k, Cincinnati secondary $25k (the one has same edge spot pattern as the Cleveland 25k), Rounders $100 on Roman mold, Flamingo $1, Avalon Club HS T100 / black NCV / blue NCV, and Aviation Club 5k / 25k. There are probably some others I'm forgetting, although these are all long term projects for me :).
In terms of sample sets, I eventually want to get the full Horseshoe sets for both casinos, primary and secondary, CDI 98 (plaques would also be nice), AS, ES, and BTP, but these are definitely stretch goals lol
I'm also looking for a full set to play with regularly, but I'm pretty set on Majestic's for cash + Royals for tourney. Of course, if my bankroll suddenly expands (perhaps through online poker :), then I might start looking at some CPCs or Paulsons :D

TLDR: poor college student with ambitious chipping goals!
Hope everyone stays safe! and keep chipping!
Welcome, and best of luck in your hunt for the singles and cash/tourney sets! I just got a cash set of Royals, and now I have my eyes on another Royal’s tourney set, and a future (I just won the lottery) set! Again hello and welcome, hopefully this forum is as informative for you as it has been for me!


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Welcome! Sounds like you have good (and expensive) taste in chips. Remember that many people on the site with fancy sets have either pieced them together slowly, are older (and therefore have disposable income) or are Asian high rollers. Just don't spend what you can't afford and have fun!
Welcome! Awesome taste in chips :ROFL: :ROFLMAO: the singles/samples game is lots of fun! Enjoy the hunt!

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