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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
I was hosting a once-a-year Pot limit Omaha game, both O/8 and PLO tonight. As I was setting up the bank, I found $400 mixed in with my stash of one dollar bills. Sweet start!

We are playing $0.50/$0.50 $20 max buy in. The players range from LOL bad to "almost good enough to play for real money". No one is skilled enough to play with Hero any length of time, which is why we play only once a year with such restricted buy-ins. How bad can they be? The big loser bought in 21 times for a loss of $420. But this game is by popular request, several of the guys have been playing fixed limit Omaha at the casino and feel like they are prepared.

We start out with Hero/host on fire taking $20 to $400 in less than an hour. The Poker Gods test Hero over the next three hours as my stack gets sliced down to $125. At this point, Hero pulls out a secret weapon - he makes an aluminum foil hat for the first time in three years. Success! Hero ends up booking a $350 win playing $20 buy in Omaha.

Then to put icing on the cake, as I am cashing out the winners I find an error in the other big winner's stack by eye-balling it across the table. It is a $30 error in his favor. I tell him his count is wrong. He insists that he has counted three times and I am mistaken. I tell him I owe $30 more than he is asking. He assures me I am wrong, but if I would like to count the stack myself he will give me any overages I find. Sure enough he is off by $33 and that gets added to the tips for dinner.

I end up with $63 in tips - enough to cover the cost of dinner ( dinner was Italian Bow tie pasta, garlic toast, fresh peach bars, cookies, nuts and various soft drinks. Enough left overs for dinner.)

So I find $400, win $350, get $63 in tips to cover the cost of hosting and have dinner for two later next week. Sweet!

And a good time was had by all -=- DrStrange
Lol, fantastic Doc! I'm happy when I find a spare dime in my pants pocket!

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