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8 hour flight. Screaming babies. Off to a great start.


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^^^^the story of my flight to Italy

I go with 1 Valium, chased with a beer. Then put the iPod music just loud enough to drown the brats. Not sure doctors recommend this but I'm still alive and have done about 40 Transatlantics in a coma successfully.
Where do you plan to visit while being here on this side of the Pond?
Trying to do as much as we can. I can only post from the hotel but we visited the Eiffel Tower yesterday. Also, the French love big sausages for some reason.


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I haven't travelled much in France, but I loved the Cote' d Azur and Nice. I could live there no problem. I found the only good Mexican food in Europe there too!
Don't forget to taste them lovely "Crepe"'s. They're awesome.
I haven't travelled much in France, but I loved the Cote' d Azur and Nice. I could live there no problem. I found the only good Mexican food in Europe there too!
My favorite city in south of France.
Close to Italy.
My favorite city in south of France.

We're partial to Aix, but that's in large part because of MFK Fisher's writings.

Avignon, Aix, Arles, and then Carcassone and Perpignan
-- great section of the country.
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And the eagle has landed! Complete report to follow later. Or tomorrow. Maybe. Jetlagged, time for sleep.
Sorry for the late report, was getting my pictures in order to post here.


Arrived at the hotel and the first thing I noticed when we got to our room is that the toilet and bathroom/shower were in seperate rooms! I wept with joy. This is how it should be IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD!

Off to the Eiffel Tower!

Pictures can't really do it justice, it looks so much better in person:

Didn't manage to go to the top since we got there late, but that would be for another day.


Our first experience going on the Metro. Roundtrip tickets for €1.80 each? Suck it, New York! I also loved how every station had a different style/theme, and that there were trains running EVERY FIVE MINUTES! You lose again, New York. This one looked like a submarine/steampunk style station.

Paris has beautiful architecture. Everywhere you look the buildings just stand out.

And the Notre Dame, of course. The fact that it was built by hand and it took 900 years to complete is astounding.

It seem like they need protection against ugly people.

French berets and Vespas because, why not?

Helping our kid attach our lock on the love-bridge:


Off to London! First time riding bullet trains, very excited!

Exercise while charging your electronics:

The London Eye and Big Ben!


Leicester Square, Times Square of London! And finally, some poker! Only played for an hour since we were on time constraints, bought in for £200, cashed out £185. Players were super nitty.

Buckingham Palace.

Worst job ever!


We decided to visit the Catacombs of Paris this day. We took a subway that was just one continuous train! You can see all the way down on both ends. The sun was beaming, it was like 96F I believe. We were on line for close to 3 hours!

Some creepy ass shit! The passages were so narrow it made everything claustrophobic and scary.

We see dead people!

That's love, even in death:


It was a really cool experience, well worth the wait. Pictures don't do it justice, you must be there in person. Of course after exiting, gift shop!



Off to Amsterdam! Giggity!

Weed capital of the world? Check. Absinthe? Check.

Cheese! Slanted houses!

Now I did not take pictures of the ladies in the Red Light District (sorry Courage) because my lady was with me and I wanted to keep my penis intact. They also came out nude at night, and we weren't going to be around. This is the best I can do: (warning, NSFW)!

He's hated everywhere!

Weed, weed brownies and 10 shots for €60? YOU ROCK AMSTERDAM!

Poker! Didn't get to play though since play starts at 8pm, and our train back to Paris departed at 7:17pm. The venue was awesome though. Didn't need a players card, just had to pay the €5 fee.

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Playing Punto Banco. Those plaques look purrty.

This is how bike lanes should be! Take note, New York!


Off to the Louvre to see what this Mona Lisa person is all about.

That's love.

The one and only:

They knew how to do it even back then:

There's so much to see and do at the Louvre that according to a staff member, if you were to spend 2-3 seconds on each article/painting/etc., it would take you at least 3-4months to see the whole museum. Nuts.

Pastry overload! Macaroons! Eclairs! Tarts!


Disneyland! The little one was very anxious for this day.

Had to rock the Goof!

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5th Avenue of Paris, Champs d Elysses! The biggest LV in the world. You have to make a line to get in!

And right across the street :( RIP ACF #bringbackACF

Fancy ass A & F:

So I went to play at Cercle Clichy de Montmarte while the family was shopping and immediately got turned away because I was wearing shorts. So I go across the streets, buy some nice fitting jeans, and go back. Down €70. I go in, have to pay a €80 annual fee. Ok no problem, I figured I'd win that back at the tables. She asks for ID, I hand her my license. Nope, must be US passport. Needless to say, I was upset. Next time you're in Paris and want to play, take note: long pants, €80 annual fee and passport.

Sunday + Monday

These were wind down days, as we were on the down and out to NYC.

Oh, Paris:

Trying to steal my family!

Of course, no trip is complete without collecting chips. The chips from the Empire Casino (London) felt a little bit plastic, kind of like a Sunfly feel? Thats what they look and felt like in my hands. The best one of course was from the Holland Casino (Amsterdam). Bud Jones, perhaps? (better pics soon.)

Europe was an awesome experience, something I hope will be able to do again some day. Beautiful cities, architecture, people, it was just a great experience all around.
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