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Royal Flush
Mar 23, 2013
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What a joke, I been buying and selling on eBay since 1999 and today I cannot list an item because I do not have automatic payment setup for selling and now buyer protection. Then you have to agree that eBay can charge you at anytime for buyer protection collection. Too many scammers out there. Looks like I will be a buyer only now.


After reading about this some more, it looks like using a pre-paid reloaded-able credit card is a way for sellers to protect themselves against buyers. Heck, a buyer can't even contact a seller after the listing has ended without opening up a case.
Yeah it's kind of a crap shoot either way. I bought a poker chip case from a person off eBay and it arrived just completely destroyed but the box was in perfect condition so I know it was damaged before it was put in the box. Seller never responded so eBay actually opened the case for me and even paid for a return shipping label for me to send it back. Once they got confirmation it was delivered to the seller they automatically refunded me. In that instance it was nice because the buyer was non responsive. As a seller though I do worry that someone is going to buy something, claim it didn't show up or is defective, then file a claim and have eBay side with them screwing me out of my money. Idk, haven't had any problems yet... *knock on wood*
I'm probably going to get a pre-paid visa and use that.

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