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Oct 4, 2016
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Tampa, FL
So I really like the Dunes China Clays from Apache. But I'm interested in swapping the denoms on a couple of the chips. I emailed Apache to ask, but they said they cannot do any customization of that sort.

At the moment, I think I'd keep stock $5 chips, but want $25 labels on the bright green $20 chips, $100 labels on the white $500 chips, and $500 labels on the bright yellow $1000 chips.

For someone who is not very DIY savvy and has never done any custom chipping before, what is my best option?

1) Ordering custom Dunes labels? (Not sure who can do this and get very close to the stock labels in look and feel.)
2) Ordering all the Dunes chips and just swapping the labels.

#2 seems quite financially inefficient, but would ensure label consistency. But I'm not sure how well those labels come off and re-apply. #1 seems to make most sense, but I don't know who can make labels like that.

In the case of #2, what's the best way to remove labels without damaging them? Exacto knife? What about re-applying them? Is there a recommended adhesive?

Thanks all!


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Nov 16, 2018
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Excellent, should I just shoot him a message and he can help me through it? I expect this would be a relatively simple project.
He is usually quite busy with all of us degens but shoot him a pm so you can get in line
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