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Feb 26, 2023
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:) Dropshipping Offer for PCF Members :)

Some of our customers has expressed an interest in running and/or participating in a group-buy for some of our chips. For this reason we would like to offer the following dropshipping deal to PCF members exclusively. You can mix different designs to reach the total. We can also offer free design work and free prototype photos. :)

39mm"No-Mold" Ceramic Chips
300+ pcs: US$0.65/pc including shipping by air
500+ pcs: US$0.59/pc including shipping by air
1,000+ pcs: US$0.55/pc including shipping by air
5,000+ pcs: US$0.49/pc including shipping by air
10,000+ pcs: US$0.47/pc including shipping by air
20,000+ pcs US$0.45/pc including shipping by air (US$0.41/pc if shipped by sea)

Options available at additional cost
Upgrade to molded chips: +US$0.10/pc
Upgrade to 43mm chips: +US$0.12/pc
Custom compression mold:+US$2,000

We also offer acrylic plaques etc if that would be of interest. :)

Attached is a photo of a custom design that we created for one of our customers, free of charge. :)

Prototype Photo 1 (small).jpg
We will keep this thread open so that we can have an open dialogue about what you want, and so that you can ask any questions you might have, and get all the answers you need. :)
I'm surprised nobody hasn't jumped into this group buy. I got a few samples and the chips are great! Very comparable to Tina chips, if not slightly better. The samples I received, I would say are like Tina's no mold, but no texture. Everything seems to be the same, the sound and weight. The slight edge to MrChip chips are the edges. Not as sharp, smooth when running your fingers up and down a stack. Also, far less spinners. Much like Tina hybrids, which I love.

Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoy my Tina Mirage chips! I'll give it a go!

Put me down for about 600-700 chips. Still not sure on the finalized numbers yet.
Thanks Aych :) Just a short note to say that we do offer textured chips as well, in case anyone prefer textured. :)
Please note that as a PCF member you are welcome to order at the prices listed above, even if there is no group buy.

Let's say you simply want to place a regular 500 pc order for yourself. This means you pay $0.59 × 500 = $295 including shipping.

Also, you are not limited by our stock designs. You are welcome to send us your own design, or we can design something unique for you.

Not only that, but we can often offer design work and prototype photos free of charge, which hopefully makes the above dropshipping deal even more attractive.

I hope this explains. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send us an IM or e-mail.



If that's an actual photo of the chips, the printing is beyond impressive. There are a lot of very fine lines and dark-on-dark color schemes going on with these designs, and they look like a label IMO.
The chips are great. I have them in hand.

I also want to clarify something I was confused about. The prices per chip was listed as “.xx per chip including shipping.”

I read it as .xx/ chip plus additional shipping cost. The prices are the prices per chip shipped to you.


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That is some incredibly nice printing quality! Watching thread so that I remember it exists, I have a set or two I've wanted on no-molds and $.55 sounds about what I'm willing to pay for these specific sets

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