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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Here is the next member of the orphanage - Dragonara Palace, Malta.

I can not say what these are used for. They do not have values on them like a cash chip. Perhaps tournament play? Maybe some sort of promotional chip or match play chip? I did find them on the chip guide, which gave me hope the are not fantasy chips or fakes.

My other Dragonara chips aren't anything like these, those are Coin-in-Center chips.

77 red, 78 blue, 39 pink and 17 orange Nondenominational best I could figure

These look interesting but once you touch them your impression may go down hill. These are the lightest casino chip I ever touched. Slipery to a fault. The colors are quite different from a "normal" casino chip.

The chips are joltingly inconsistent. The colors in some cases are not even close. Same thing with thickness, the chips vary +/- 5% in thickness. I know European casinos often have lower standards for chips, but these were so poorly made that I wonder what they were thinking.

Anyway, they look pretty on display. These chips often are the first one touched by a guest seeing the room for the first time and they aren't anywhere close to the easiest ones to reach.

I would welcome additional information about these chips.


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