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Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
Never knew this site existed before a random google search for Doyle. Will need to spend more time there ...

Doyle was born the seventh son on the seventh day from a riverboat gambler, in a town with a name and population not much different than most other small towns. Like most gamblers, Doyle was a quick learner, learning to run before he could walk and learning to lose before he could win. His father raised him (in poker games) from the age of 15 months, and being too young to say "fold," Doyle had lost over $14 playing draw poker with his father by the age of three. Unable to run away if he lost, Doyle was forced to learn how to play poker properly, and quickly became highly skilled at predicting what cards his opponents had by reading their faces.

At the age of four, Dolly began writing his first book on poker titled "Dolly Dealing," which included the groundbreaking “going all in to find out where you’re at” betting move.
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