Donkwoods CPC Cash Set HQ Shots Added Post #38 (1 Viewer)


Full House
Feb 25, 2014
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Just a little tease to start
well done sir. Those look amazing. The .25 is fantastic
Wowwowwow. Did I get in on a sample set of these??? I think I did. Love ALL of them.
Liking the $20..... colors are very New Orleans / Mardi Gras
all sick. love seeing people use a 3D14. it's a spot that i disregard usually because it was so common before ASM opened up the spot availability, but whenever i see it in a set, it reminds me that i shouldn't be so dismissive.

frac is still the star imo. love it.
All the chips are great. Hard to pick a fav. Frac and $1 are awesome.
love the racked pr0n. the more i look, the more i'm tempted to favor the $1 over the frac. all are fantastic, though.

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