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Nov 2, 2014
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Hi everyone! I'm PAZ and I know a lot of you already. I'm a craps player that started collecting chips 25 years ago on my first trip to Vegas and it was love at first sight. About 5 years ago I started playing NLHE tourneys and I fell in love again. In recent years my chip collection has become mostly TR Kings. I guess you could say I'm a big fan of the small crown.

Thanks for having me over!
Literally the nicest forum member of all time. Great to see you here :)
While I do not disagree with this assessment consider the low level of competition he had outside maybe Puggy. :)

Really funny bc after I hit send in that post I thought "well, maybe tied with pug" :D
Excellent! A few more days, and it's gonna seem just like old times..... only better. And cheaper....which means moar chipes! :)
I'm really glad to see everyone making it over here, especially people like links, Paz, Puggy, BG, abby, and anyone else I may be forgetting. You guys were the backbone of the other forum and I'm sure it'll be no different here. Thank you Tommy for having us all.

EDIT: How could I forget bergs, courage, Redbelly, and jbutler?? There's just too many to name. I'm just glad we all found a new home.
Awesome. PAZ has arrived. Melikey :). Welcome my friend.
Good to see you over here, Paz.

Our host, Tommy, is all about building a great poker chip site. (Check out the live interactive poker room where members can play against one another.)

Not to mention, his own home poker room is nicer than many casinos I've been in, and filled with lots of great casino Paulsons.
Literally the nicest forum member of all time. Great to see you here :)

Possibly nicest poker guest as well. Pug better get to a meet up soon if he wants to rival him for both titles. :D

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

....yeah, he says that now....wait till Mojo shows up.

It's not like we kicked him out of the band, it's more like we all quit the band, and formed a new band without him.

Reminds me of playing music in H.S.
....yeah, he says that now....wait till Mojo shows up.

Ah, well, Tommy has put up with *me* for the better part of a year, and I've only been banned twice. It'll be fine.
I wonder if anybody left over there thinks they might be on global ignore.... lol
Can't the blue wall mods just sticky a link to here? Then we can bet the O/U on when it's removed. In for January 17th.
This is pretty cool.....When I started here I took a screen shot and saw I was member #340. Today, 1 year later Tommy's clubhouse is up to 1,128 members!!
If you think that's impressive look at the number of posts/messages!

I'm so happy to be a small part of all this!
Thanks for having us Tommy!



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